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CHASE Awards 2017

The CHASE Awards (Care Home Achievement Success Event), an annual awards ceremony for care homes, was set up to recognise care home achievements and our staff at Westwood received 2 awards and 3 medals.

1st award is for Lifetime Achievement for Care Team Manager, Jane Gamble.
2nd award is for 0% Acquired Pressure Sore in Care Homes awarded to Westwood.
Three Link Champions for Tissue Viability received medals for their 5 year service.

Pictured below from left: Claire Carlow, Care Team Manager, Link Champion for Tissue Viability; Liz Keywood, Activity Coordinator, shortlisted for Unsung Hero category; Jimitha Jacob, Home Manager, shortlisted for Manager of the Year; Pat Smith, Care Team Manager and Link Champion.

Well done Jimitha and all the team at Westwood.

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