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Carrickfergus Manor Fashion Show

On Saturday 3rd February 2018 we hosted our very first fashion show!  Staff and family brought in their formal dresses and suits for our residents to wear.  The event started at 3pm with make-overs where staff volunteered their time to come in and do hair and make up for the majority of our 18 models.  Once residents were having dinner, we were hard at work setting up the room with helium balloons, red carpet, disco lights and PA system.  Once the residents finished their evening meal staff were then on hand to help get dresses and accessories on our ladies and help the gentlemen into their suits.  At 6.30pm our Activities Co-ordinators, Theresa and Tracey, began to compare the event with staff, family and friends on hand to escort our lovely models down the red carpet.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the planning, preparation and, of course, the main event with some huge smiles and dance moves surprising us from some of our quieter residents.  The evening concluded with refreshments for all.

Resident, Lorna Waring, escorted by staff member James Lunn.

Resident, Sophia Smyth, escorted by Deputy Manager's son, Daniel Wright.

Residents, Oliver Dorrian, Robert Colburn and Billy McCullough, waiting for 
their turn on the red carpet.

Resident, Hilda Gargan, escorted by her husband, Michael Gargan.

The crowd gathering waiting for the Show to begin.

Some of our glamorous girls, residents Maria Simms, Margaret Brannagh, 
Sophia Smyth, Lily Hynds and Ivy Green.

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