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Community Matron commends Frank Foster House on CQC Outstanding Rating

The following testimony has been received from our Community Matron, Gertrude Madovi, following Frank Foster House being awarded CQC Outstanding Rating.

The registered manager had robust quality assurance systems in place and all aspects of the service were monitored.  We found an effective system of audits and reviews which were used to obtain feedback, monitor performance and manage risks.  These included areas such as medicines, infection control and care plans.  Where areas for improvement had been identified we saw there were action plans in place to address any shortfalls found. An external company also completed twice yearly checks on the service with return visits to check and sign off any action points.

Throughout the inspection every staff member acknowledged us in a friendly way and demonstrated the right values and caring ethos.  The service placed great emphasis on consulting people, relatives and staff and using this information to continuously monitor and improve the service.  This demonstrated that the people who used the service were at the heart of the service delivery and excellent care was sought and achieved through close collaboration with others.

The registered manager had worked extremely hard to improve the morale and promote teamwork at the service.  This included providing opportunities for continuous learning and development for staff and valuing the staff team.  Staff were encouraged and supported by the management team and were clear on their roles and responsibilities.

Keep up the excellent work.

Gertrude Madovi
Community Matron & Older Person Nurse Fellow
Ongar and Epping Locality
Integrated Teams

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