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Family give thanks to Gattison House Team

The following letter and card have been received by the Manager and Staff at Gattison House from the family of Mr John Simms.  It is heartwarming to receive such compliments from our residents' families and testament to our dedicated and committed staff who provide expert care within a home-from-home environment.

The Gattison Team,

It is important to us as a family that you know how grateful we are for the time Dad spent with you.  He had been through a turbulent 12 months and was frustrated and unhappy.  This affected all of us as we loved him so much and to see him like this was devastating.  Within a few days of you all looking after him and treating him with such respect, we started seeing his spark return.  This was precious to us, as for the first time in a long time we got the man back who we so missed.  He bantered, he bossed, he laughed and he enjoyed life.

Our memories are a lifetime of happy times spent with him and because you helped his end of life be so enriched and motivated we can remember him living his life to the full right to his last day.

All of you formed relationships with Dad and he loved you all (and his buzzer and phone!).  He spoke daily of you and always with humour and in a positive way.  You do an amazing job and genuinely make a difference.

A special thank you to Tracey who helped us through such a traumatic day with professionalism and, more importantly, compassion.  I will never forget just how much she cared for our loss.

We will see you all soon to arrange a way to honour Dad's memory.

Much much love, Jo xxx

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