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Staff member receives Dignity Star Award for going above and beyond in promoting dignity.

Tracey Waters, one of our professional care team members at Park View residential care home in Warwickshire, was nominated by residents to receive the Dignity Star badge to wear with glowing pride.

As well as being identified as a Star by her residents, Tracey was presented with the gift of a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. With the responsibility of presenting the achievement, resident Judy Mountford commented, "She is a great carer; always cheerful. Nothing is ever too much.”  Tracey said she felt ‘very emotional and very pleased’ with the recognition that she so deserved. 

Each month, all of our homes focus on one key aspect of what dignity means and aims to find new ways to promote dignity for all residents. At the beginning of the month, each home chooses one member of staff who has gone above and beyond to really make that theme make a difference to residents.

At Runwood Homes we take the dignity of our residents very seriously, understanding how important it is that everyone deserves to be treated with individuality, respect, and consideration, that’s why our company philosophy is ‘Dignity for Everyone, Everyday’. The Dignity Services Team ensures that staff, relatives and residents are all supported and educated about the affects of dementia.

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