Media Statement Reference Dunmurry Manor

Our elderly citizens are some of the most vulnerable people in our community and as such have the right to expect the very highest standards of care and consideration.

I am truly sorry we failed to deliver the high standards of care our residents at Dunmurry Manor had the right to expect and that, because of those failures, they and their families have had to endure this distressing experience.

The Board of Directors acknowledge and take full responsibility for these failures and the lack of oversight that could have ensured they did not happen.

The Managing Director, Logan Logeswaran, has in fact resigned his position from Runwood Homes Group UK as of yesterday.

In August 2017, I put a new Northern Ireland senior management team in place and we have worked hard to put things right at Dunmurry Manor as well as taking strenuous steps to ensure such a situation can never arise at any other Group home.

Residents and their families can be assured that corrective action has been taken. We are stringently enforcing the very highest standards of operating, technology and service delivery. We guarantee that any resident or family member with concerns can make easy direct contact with senior Directors.

Our homes across Northern Ireland are regularly inspected by the RQIA and relevant Trusts and are meeting the required standards, underlining yet again there is no substitute for good management, and diligent and continuous scrutiny by the authorities.

The care of older people is our vocation and passion. Our dedicated staff teams will continue to strive to provide the excellent quality of care that our residents and their families deserve, promoting independence and treating them with dignity and respect.

I would like to thank the new management team and the existing and new staff members who have worked hard to put Dunmurry Manor back on track as a safe and caring environment for our residents.

This week, an Interim Report by the CPEA for the Department of Health NI observed that the home is now working very well, with a personalised, kindly and respectful approach witnessed between staff and residents.

Reassuringly, it concluded that residents’ rights and needs to live safe and comfortable lives were being met by staff who can be creative and aspirational in assisting the realisation of people’s personal wishes and dreams.

I want to assure residents and their families we have learned from our mistakes and will ensure nothing like this ever happens again. Ultimately, I cannot put the clock back - but I can make sure there are positive changes for the future.

Gordon Sanders, CEO

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