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Tai Chi Master helps Carrickickfergus Manor residents to find their inner dragon!

Martial arts are not just for the young, as Carrickfergus Manor residents found out recently thanks to Tai Chi Master, Jane ‘Jade Maiden’ Burke.

Jane, a 4th Duan Master who hails from Belfast, completed a 9-year apprenticeship under Master Zhu Chang Hai and is a gold medal winner at the International Qing Dao Championships in China.

"Tai Chi, an internal martial art which has been part of Chinese culture since the 16th century, is a powerful rejuvenator which helps improve health on every level, whatever your age,” explained Jane.

"The slow, gentle movements combine mindfulness, posture, alignment and breathing in order to challenge the co-ordination and boost the flow of blood and energy. This aids tissue regeneration and strengthens the bones, muscles and connective tissues, keeping the entire system more flexible and producing potent feelings of well-being.”

Carrickfergus Manor came up with the idea of bringing Jane into Carrick Manor in response to World Osteoporosis Day, a global campaign to improve bone health and prevent fractures which can occur due to this debilitating condition.

Joanne Neville, Manager of Carrickfergus Manor, said: "We thought Tai Chi would be a very beneficial martial art to introduce to our older residents, many of whom suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis or general stiffness.

"The movements are done slowly and can be achieved from a seated position while the stretches, combined with breath work, support easier physical movement as well as relaxing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit.”

Resident Norman Salters, aged 86, said: "I thoroughly enjoyed my first Tai Chi session – it reminded me of my days in the BB! It was relaxing and easy to do, and I was able to help other residents to do the exercises.” 

Lorna Waring, 75, who lives with partial paralysis and is confined to a wheelchair said, "The Tai Chi was great. Although I am in a chair, I did my best to complete all the moves and I have to say that I felt very relaxed by the end of the class!”

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