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Donkeys visit residents at Windmill House

Windmill House residential care home in Wymondham, Norfolk, had such a special visit from two beautiful donkeys, Rubiks and Alfie. The smiles they brought to the residents faces were so special.

Rubiks and Alfie stayed all morning, enjoyed munching on carrots and just loved being cuddled. They even went up and down in the lift with their carers to ensure they visited all of the residents!

Thank you to John and Viv Mountain for organising the visit and making a donation to the Dementia Donkey Fund.

Photo 1 - Rubiks and Alfie arrive and have a nibble of grass.

Photo 2 - Residents Shelia and Joan with granddaughter Esme just loved having a cuddle.

Photo 3 & 4 - Joy enjoyed Alfie and Rubiks visit to her room and cannot wait to tell her son all about the visit. Here Joy cuddles Alfie.

Photo 5 - Dorothy and Clare thought the donkeys were lovely, watched by Claire’s daughter Karen. It brought back so many memories for Clare who worked on a farm all her life after leaving London and moving to rural Norfolk.

Staff who work at Windmill House came in on their day off to see the special visitors. What a lovely start to Windmill Christmas celebrations. Alfie and Rubicks wore their Christmas scarves especially for us all.

Windmill House cares for elderly people, including those living with dementia. To enquire about Windmill House care home in Norfolk, call 01953 607651, email windmill.house@runwoodhomes.co.uk or click here to visit the Windmill House web page.

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