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A touching story from Carrickfergus Manor and a residents family…

Carrickfergus Manor had the privilege of looking after Molly’s sister who has now sadly passed away. Molly (pictured) and her family wanted to purchase a gift that would benefit the residents at the home, and very generously have supplied the home with an interactive dog who has been named Pedro!

Pedro reacts to touch and voice, so when he is stroked or spoken to, he can wag his tail, turn his head towards you or give a little bark – much to the amusement of all residents and staff.

We would like to thank Molly, Mildred, Victor and family for their very generous and thoughtful gift.

Carrickfergus Manor is a 90 bed modern care home situated in Carrickfergus. This spacious home is provides expert care for older people including those requiring residential dementia and general nursing.

For more information, call Carrickfergus Manor on 02893 369780 or email carrickfergus.manor@runwoodhomes.co.uk. 

To find out more visit: https://www.runwoodhomes.co.uk/homes/carrickfergus-manor.

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