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Rob Ashton

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Rob has worked in health and social care for more than 34 years, starting as an auxiliary nurse at the age of 20. On leaving school Rob went to work in the City of London in insurance, and quickly learnt that this was not the profession he was meant to thrive in. An opportunity became available to work in a small cottage hospital caring for older people, and as Rob says, the rest is history.

Rob believed he was meant to work in care as, at the age of 7, his Nan was diagnosed with what was then called senile dementia (in the 1970’s). She was placed in an old Victorian asylum facility. Rob was very close to her and wanted to visit, it was an experience that wasn’t forgotten and this is why he feel he was drawn to working in care and particularly with older people and those living with dementia. Thankfully, things are very different these days and care homes are a lovely place to live.

Rob has gained valuable skills and knowledge over the years working in a variety of health and social care settings. For the past 15 years he has been a registered manager with a variety of providers both large and small. He gained his NVQ Level 4 Registered Managers Award in December 2003.

Rob believes that people deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and humility regardless of their illness or condition. He has specialised in dementia care and has a deep passion for working with people living with all types of dementia. It is his goal to ensure that poeple receive the best support possible from those caring for them so they still feel valued, heard, respected and treated as an individual person.

Rob began working with Runwood Homes as Regional Operations Director in March 2020 and shares his skills and knowledge with the home managers he supports.

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