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Our Dignity Campaign - August 'Knowing me, knowing you.'

Our Dignity Campaign aims to ensure that residents, and staff alike, can enjoy an effective, whole-team approach to wellbeing. The theme for August is ‘Knowing me, Knowing you’.
This month will be centred around getting to know and understand one another; asking questions about a person’s history, their interests, family, and hobbies. This could be done in creative ways, such as question and answer games, or, simply, through the art of conversation. We truly believe that getting to know each other helps build meaningful connections and relationships and therefore, has a positive effect on one’s wellbeing. It can make all the difference, especially to those who are living with dementia or memory loss.
By getting to know the ones we care for, we can better the way we meet their needs and wishes and enable carers to truly provide person-centred care; a philosophy we pride ourselves on.

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