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Blooming Marvellous Competition 2018 winners announced!

The Runwood Homes Blooming Marvellous Competition 2018 winners have now been announced.  Congratulations to the seven residential care homes within the Runwood Homes group who are the deserving winners of the Blooming Marvellous Competition 2018.

Winners in the Blooming Marvellous 2018 Competition:

All of our homes outdoor spaces were observed by each Runwood Homes UK Regional Director in order to judge and select winners. We would like to thank our staff, residents and friends of Runwood Homes for their hard work in helping to create, improve and maintain gardens full of wonderful blooms and plants for all to enjoy.

Winners will each receive £150 to spend on item(s) for the residents to enjoy in their gardens or homes. Runners up will be awarded with £100 to also spend on items for their residents.

Runners up in the Blooming Marvellous 2018 Competition:

The Blooming Marvellous Competition encourages our residents to spend time outdoors together and immerse themselves in potting, planting, pruning and watering to create stunning gardens and entrance areas to really be proud of.

For residents, gardening is such an enjoyable and familiar activity to join in with or just sit and watch. The Blooming Marvellous Competition has proved very successful every year as we aim to continue to enhance the well being of the residents and to promote outdoor stimulation and activity.

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