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Runwood Homes selected by Boots UK for Memory Box campaign

We are overjoyed to be selected by Boots UK during Dementia Action Week to be part of their Boots Memory Boxes campaign!

Residents at Owston View in Doncaster, Bramwell and Leawood Manor in Nottingham, will be visited by the Boots archive team who will be showing and talking through items from the Boots archive during the multi-sensory experience.

Boots UK have been working with Professor Victoria Tischler, Head of Dementia Care at the University of West London, on the creation of memory boxes for individuals living with dementia. The sessions at three Ruwood Homes care home locations, which will be spread over two weeks in each of the identified homes, are intended to stimulate memories and interaction for our residents and is especially designed for those living with dementia.

We are really looking forward to the Boots archive team visits, our residents are sure to find themselves completely immersed in the interactive archive sessions!

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