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Cherry Tree Lodge host community day, complete with Cherry Tree planting ceremony with the Mayor.

Residents took part in the event, happily manning stalls and sitting with visitors for a chat and a cup of tea. Staff members were more than happy to give visitors a guided tour of the home, showing off the homes beautiful furnished bedrooms and communal areas.


The Mayor of Whitnash, Rob Margrave, and Consort graciously attended the event, and shared how impressed they were with the home. The highlight of the event was the tree planting ceremony, carried out by the Mayor, which involved the planting of a Cherry Tree on the grounds.


Also in attendance was Jenny Heath, the Cherry Tree Community Dementia Café volunteer, who helped serve residents and guests throughout the day, as well as the lovely ladies from the Whitnash WI.


The event was a brilliant success, and further highlighted the person-centred care at Cherry Tree Lodge.

Choosing a care home can be an intimidating process, so why not come and visit us at Cherry Tree Lodge? We wish to understand everything that is important to you, so on your visit we will discuss your needs and how best we can meet them, as well as giving you the opportunity to look around and ask questions. If you are unable to visit, we will arrange for a staff member to call on you at your home or other place of your choosing at your convenience.  We hope to see you soon! 

To arrange a visit, please call Cherry Tree Lodge on 01926 425072 or email cherrytree.lodge@runwoodhomes.co.uk.

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