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At Runwood Homes we are aware that choosing a care home is a big decision, and can therefore be a daunting process. However, we strive to do everything we can to make that process easier for you and your family, and to ensure your chosen home doesn’t just feel like a care home, but your home.

Choosing A Care Home That Is Right For You

How do I go about choosing a care home?

Once the decision has been made that you and your family need to choose a care home, we at Runwood Homes endeavour to make sure that the next steps are as easy as possible.

When choosing a care home, it is important to visit as many as you can, in order to get a feel for what you like and to make comparisons between homes.

All of our homes are very welcoming to guests, and it couldn’t be easier to arrange a visit. Merely fill in our contact us form, and let us do the rest.

When you go on your visit, speak to staff, residents and visitors to get a feel for the home. Do not hesitate to ask questions of our managers and staff, as they welcome any enquiries you might have. We care about your comfort, safety and enjoyment, and want to make sure you that feel suited to Runwood, and our homes.


To assist in your decision, we have put together a checklist of questions which you may want to ask our staff. If you feel it will make your decision easier, feel free to print this list and bring it with you as a guide for when you come to see us. To open the checklist, please click the link below.


These questions are just a guideline – do not feel compelled to ask them all if they are not relevant to you, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions that are not listed. Finding a care home for yourself or a relative is an important task, and our staff will be more than willing to help you figure out if one of our homes is right for you. If this guide has helped you to choose your new home, why not look at our Moving In guide, which can help you prepare your move to the home.

We hope to see you soon!

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