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Runwood Homes Group Hospitality Manager, Chris Williams, fixes up special meal for Loganberry Lodge resident!

When our Group Hospitality Manager heard that a resident at Loganberry Lodge was interested in trying some interesting new foods, Chris headed over immediately to fix him up a special meal.

Giovani, a resident at Loganberry Lodge in Colchester, Essex, previously owned an Italian restaurant in Fleet Street. Chris was inspired by this and served him up a delicious Italian inspired sea bass dish, with pasta, truffle oil and parmesan. Giovani said the meal was delightful and instantly took him back to his days in the kitchen.



Chris’ ambitious plans for the group are already underway; “I aim to make a positive difference to the standard of menu choices and food being served to our residents across the whole group. I love being able to inspire, enable and motivate catering teams to always prepare fresh, nutritious food, well presented and with residents’ preferences and mealtime satisfaction front of mind. Our residents are our customers, for almost every single mealtime event. It is our responsibility to keep them well and help them live longer.” 

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