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It’s Dementia Action Week!

Dementia Action Week 2018

From 21-27 May 2018, Dementia Action Week is a chance to take action to help people who are living with Dementia as well as raise awareness of it. A survey by Alzheimer’s Society reveals 50% of people don't feel confident visiting someone with dementia in a care home.

Runwood Homes are taking action to help overcome public stigma about dementia; we will be hosting various talks to local community groups up and down the country to educate people about dementia, aiming to instil confidence and understanding when communicating and interacting with those living with dementia.

We will also be reminiscing with our residential care home residents who are living with dementia by looking back at photographs and talking about ‘the good old days’, and at Runwood Homes we regularly organise suitable activities and entertainment to stimulate and provide an engaging living environment and a true sense of wellbeing in everyday life.

Together, our Home Managers, Activity Coordinators, Dementia Care Services Team and Carers continuously work to make everyday life better for people affected by dementia.

In support of Alzheimer's Society and Dementia Action Week, our residential care homes in Northern Ireland, Warwickshire, Essex, Nottinghamshire and Hertfordshire will raise funds on Friday 25 May to support ‘Wear Something Blue Day’, a Dementia Action Week initiative. For ideas of how to get involved, see this poster shared by Essex County Council.

Runwood senior living leads the way with specialist residential dementia care with over 600 dedicated 'dementia leaders' who have undergone specialist training on support and guidance across all of our homes. We are also proud to be fully registered with NAPA (National Activity Providers Association).

Find out more about us and find a specialist residential care home near you, complete with appropriate facilities and highly trained staff, to provide excellent support and care for a loved one's individual needs.


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