Karen Middleton - Dementia Services Manager

Karen Middleton - Dementia Services ManagerMy name is Karen Middleton and I have worked for Runwood homes as a Dementia Services Manager in the team since it was established in 2014.  I support 10 homes, 6 in Nottingham and 4 in Warwickshire. My specialism amongst the team is behaviours.

I have worked with people living with dementia and their carers for 20 years in a variety of different settings ranging from pre-diagnosis to end of life care.

I worked for 9 years as a home care worker for a specialist dementia home care service.  I also spent 7 years at the Alzheimer’s Society as a Dementia Support Worker, Dementia Support Manager and an Approved Dementia Care Trainer.

I am now a Dementia Services Manager as part of a special team. This role enables me to work alongside people with dementia every day.  I support staff to understand more and have had the opportunity of seeing many Runwood staff have their lightbulb moment where everything just clicks into place and dementia begins to make sense.

I have worked in dementia care for so long because I truly believe people with dementia can live well.  It is not always the dementia that impairs them, most often it is the environment they live in or the way their support is being provided and this we can change.

I have learnt so much over the years mainly from those who live with dementia.  This is why this job is perfect for me I can share all I have learnt with others so they too can make somebody’s life that little bit better. The words I take with me every day were given to me very early on in my career.  

A person living with dementia took my hand and whispered in my ear "I will forget your name, I will certainly forget all you have done for me, but I will never forget how you make me feel"