Paul Gaskell - Wellbeing and Dementia Services Director

Paul Gaskell - Senior Dementia Services ManagerWelcome to our dementia pages. I hope you have found it interesting so far. My name is Paul Gaskell. I would like to introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about what I do, why I do it, and what I believe in. My job as Wellbeing and Dementia Services Director is to manage and develop our wellbeing and dementia services.

I started my care career in 1984 when, as a student mental health nurse, I realised that treating people with genuine respect and empathy is the an essential ingredient of good care. That is still true today. My first qualified nurse roles were in support of people living with dementia, but in those days, in a hospital ward setting. Since then I have worked with adults with a learning disability, deaf blind younger people, and people living with dementia in residential care. I have worked for health authorities, local authorities, charities and now for an independent provider, Runwood Homes. Most of my career has been as a registered home manager, and prior to my current role, I was managing residential care homes for older people. I am currently on the register with NMC, as a registered mental health nurse.

The job I have now enables me to use my experience, knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life for people in our care. This is the most exciting, challenging and rewarding job I have had, and I enjoy every day. My working principle is Residents First.