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Leawood Manor residents cook their crop

Last week our residents at Leawood Manor residential care home in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, picked some tomatoes from their garden to prepare a meal together.

After harvesting their tomatoes which they had been growing as part of the Runwood Homes Breath of Fresh Air competition, they washed them and decided to include them within their ingredients to make quiche to share.

With the help from the fantastic cook and the kitchen team at Leawood Manor care home, the residents sat together chopping the tomatoes, put them on the pastry base with cheese, then handed over to the kitchen to bake their finished products.

The resident then enjoyed a picnic together in the lounge with quiche and sandwiches made form the remaining tomatoes harvested. Next on the menu for the residents cooking sessions will be marrow and carrots, also gown in the garden by the residents at Leawood Manor.

This rewarding activity was organised to stimulate residents by working together as a group whilst practising their food prep skills resulting in a sense of pride in their achievements, not only by growing and gathering their food produce, but creating and dining on meals that they carefully prepared too.

Leawood Manor is located in West Bridgford in Nottingham. It is a residential care home providing 24 hour expert care for older people, including those living with dementia. For more information call 01159 234985 or email leawood.manor@runwoodhomes.co.uk. Find out more about Leawood Manor by clicking here.



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