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Kathleen Lambert of Longview was awarded lifetime honourable member of Moose Hall.

Kathleen Lambert, a resident at Longview in Canvey Island, attended a lunch in her honour for all the 50 years of work her and her second husband have done for Moose Hall. Over the years they built its first bar, installed toilets and a kitchen. They have raised a lot of money for the local community as well as other charitable causes. They were even invited back for Moose Halls 64th anniversary!

Staff said “There were loads of stories shared, especially about her travels with her best friend Jan. Smiles, hugs and tears were also shared!”


Longview is a 70 bed home situated in a quiet residential area of Canvey Island, next to Longview Day Centre. This spacious home provides expert care for older people, including those living with dementia and has been chosen by residents and their families as one of the Top 20 care homes in the East of England. To find out more, call Longview on 01268 682906 or email longview@runwoodhomes.co.uk. For more information on Longview, visit https://www.runwoodhomes.co.uk/homes/longview.

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