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VE Day Party celebrations at Low Furlong

Residents and visitors had a wonderful time enjoying a selection of wartime hits, performed by the very talented Melissa Hollick, while sipping on our special 'Low Furlong Blend' loose leaf tea and tucking into a ration book buffet, featuring such nostalgic staples as Woolton pie, homity pie and Spam Fritters!

Bel Ami and Salon Flyntz of Shipston supplied a make-up artist and a hair stylist who achieved the most amazing '40s makeovers for attendees, and even the Low Frulong team got dressed up in '40s fashions. Prizes were generously donated by Turners, John Lyne Home Improvements and the Blue Bean Bakery, and these were awarded to winners of the War Years Quiz.

For many of the residents at Low Furlong care home, this was a particularly pertinent and poignant event, with so many of them recalling first hand World War II and its end. For a number of them, VE Day 1945 was the happiest memory of their young lives, so we wanted to recapture that sense of celebration and unity. For the Low Furlong Team team and visitors, it was a chance to learn from our residents' extensive life experiences, hearing about their memories of such a significant period of modern history.

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VE Day at Low Furlong

VE Day at Low Furlong

VE Day at Low Furlong

VE Day at Low Furlong

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