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Residents enjoy the benefits of NAPA’s ‘Many Things to Do’


Runwood Homes are proud to be partners of the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) and fully support their ‘Many Things to Do’ initiative, placing emphasis on simple one to one activities with relatives and visitors to care homes.

Together with NAPA, who promote meaningful activity of older people, Runwood Homes fully trained and experienced care teams are able to provide suggestions to of engaging and interactive ideas and thoughtful ways to spend that all important, quality time with our residents, their loved ones.  

We have over 90 Activity Coordinators in our residential care homes who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring residents are supported in leading satisfying, stimulated and engaging lives, taking into account individuals capabilities, experiences and interests.  

We’d love to share a couple of examples with you; please see a photograph provided by Woodbury Court; Posie (Left) and Renee (Right) regularly visit her sister Rose (Rosina), also another photograph of Sharon and her mum, Shirley, at Longview, who regularly assists at mealtimes. Shirley enjoyed her lunch in the garden with her fellow residents.

Please talk about NAPA’s ‘Many Things to Do’ list to help promote engagement, conversation and companionship for others.


•             Talk about what you have been doing

•             Bring photos of family & friends – from days gone by or recent snaps

•             Create a photo album, frames photos or make a photo collage

•             Make a special scrapbook or a memory box of significant objects based on personal life history

•             Bring holiday snaps, souvenirs, even maps and tales of your journey

•             Jointly look at magazines with large colourful pictures and invite opinions and comments on the contents whether it is fashion preferences or political views

•             Subscribe to a hometown newspaper and bring it along

•             Read letters from family and friends

•             Bring messages from family & friends recorded on tape

•             Bring DVD / videotape greetings from family & friends

•             Help with buying and writing cards to send to family & friends for important occasions

•             Have an indoor picnic whilst visiting

•             Enjoy a favourite drink or food that you have brought

•             Sing and hum together & Listen to music together

•             Try drawing or painting together

•             Bring along your sewing basket, buttons, socks drawer or tool box to organize together

•             Bring a bird feeder or house to hang outside

•             Plant & look after an indoor window sill garden

•             Create a story from a picture e.g. looking at a photograph or piece of art and imagining what is happening, who the people are, what they are doing or thinking etc.

•             Bring along a treat

•             Go for a walk ‘round the block’ inside or outside the building – take time to sop and look at the view, talk to people along the way and point out anything new or interesting

•             Give a gentle hand massage using aromatherapy scented oils or hand cream

•             Bring items to stimulate the sense of smell e,g. spices, perfume or flowers

•             Bring different textured fabrics to touch e.g. silk, cashmere, velvets etc

•             Bring a pet to visit & Bring a pet which can stay e.g. fish

•             Invite other residents who share the same hobby to join in

•             Do exercise together

•             Read a chapter of a novel, a short story or a few poems, write poetry or a short story together

•             Make a ‘joy box’ (decorated shoe box) filled with fun and favourite things

•             Keep a journal of interesting discussions and upcoming events

•             Surprise someone and bring along one of their friends for a visit

•             Take a walk together, weather permitting, or sit on the patio

•             Bring grandchildren and enjoy watching them play

•             Dance, or tap your feet, to the individual’s favourite dance music

•             Hold hands and be a good listener

•             Go for a walk to post a letter




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