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Runwood Homes displays message of thanks at head office

Runwood Homes displays an 8 metre banner on its head office building, with a message of thanks to all key workers.

Playing an important part in the protection of some of society’s most vulnerable people, Runwood Homes staff, consisting of approximately 4,800 people across 73 homes, are continuing to provide person-centred, residential care around the clock for some 4,800 elderly residents, including those living with dementia and those requiring nursing care.

Gordon Sanders, Chief Executive Officer of Runwood Homes, said, “We thought it important, and quite poignant, to display a thank you message, not only directed at our staff, whom I and the rest of the Board of Directors are wholeheartedly appreciative of, but to all of the key workers who are providing an essential service to the public during the coronavirus pandemic.”

The large banner, featuring the iconic rainbow, is mounted to the head office building, which sits along the busy London Road in Hadleigh, Essex, where the organisation’s support staff continue to proactively work through the crisis this country, and the rest of the world, is facing.

Runwood Homes’ services across England and Northern Ireland are not only receiving critical support from the company’s senior management network and support staff, but also feel the ongoing support of their local communities too, displaying and receiving similar messages of gratitude.


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