Reassurance regarding a small fire at The Mill House on 24.3.2020

“We can confirm that there was a small fire at The Mill House on Tuesday 24 March 2020, started accidently by a resident experiencing confusion as part of a dementia diagnosis. This resident is now under the care of a hospital whilst undergoing healthcare needs assessments.

We are incredibly relieved to express that there were no injuries incurred due to the incident and the fire brigade assessed carbon dioxide levels in the home, and deem it safe. The café, an isolated area of the home, is currently closed for a few days whilst promptly restored.

We thank the professional care team at The Mill House for their swift and competent reaction to the situation, whilst remaining calm and providing reassurance for residents. The fire evacuation procedure and process, which all staff are trained in, was followed faultlessly, resulting in this very positive outcome with minimal disruption.

We also extend our gratitude to the swift response and efforts of our fantastic emergency services.”

If you have any concerns, please call The Mill House on 01603 737107

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