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New Chief Operating Officer appointed at Runwood Homes

Congratulations to Gavin O'Hare-Connolly on his newly appointed position as Chief Operating Officer of Runwood Homes Limited. Promoted within the company from Group Director of Operations, Gavin has quickly become a truly invaluable member of the Runwood Homes senior management team.

With extensive health care sector knowledge and experience, Gavin’s credible expertise has been demonstrated and recognised in his former role. His progressive enthusiasm to develop and manage the business operations has been acknowledged by this performance-based promotion to this role.

Gavin, who has been employed at Runwood Homes since August 2017, continues to be highly regarded within the care industry and has achieved many awards throughout his career. He has worked in various positions across the NHS, Independent Healthcare Sector and Universities in a range of clinical, managerial and educational roles.

We wish Gavin every success in his new role and hope that others will join us in congratulating him on his well-deserved promotion!

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