b'THE INSPIRING TALE OFMAGGIE WHITBREADMAGGIE WHITBREAD, A RESIDENT AT THE WHITECROFT, IS AN INSPIRATION TOALL AND HAS ACHIEVED MANY GREAT THINGS IN HER LIFE.Maggie taught at three local Thurrock schools as a PE teacher and coached AAAyouth for 10 years. She was a national event coach and taught at GNVQ Level 3.Maggie even coached David Ottley, a former British Athlete.As a wonderful coach, Maggie also trained her daughter, Fatima Whitbread. Maggiefostered Fatima at 14 years old, sharing her vast sporting knowledge and coachingFatima throughout her sporting life, from mid-teens to Olympian. Fatima hasachieved a multitude of medals and accomplishments as a British Javelin Thrower.She is a two-time Olympic medallist, having achieved both Bronze and Silver in 1984and 1988 respectively.Maggie is immensely proud of her children and her grandchildren, as they are of her!Fatima considers The Whitecroft to be a home from home for Maggie and everyoneat the home is proud to have her as part of The Whitecroft community, and to hearher inspirational life story. 1 7'