b'BREWSTER HOUSE ORGANISEA CRAZY HAIR DAYTHE TEAM AT BREWSTER HOUSE, IN MALDON, ESSEX, HAD A VERYENTERTAINING DAY IN STORE FOR RESIDENTS, WITH THEIR CRAZY HAIR EVENT.Staff sported their wildest dos for the day, which brought lots of smiles and laughter toeveryone at the home. The occasion was great fun for all, and some residents even wishedto take part as well, wearing some vivid, bright colours in their hair!Femi Shoyombo, the Home Manager at Brewster House, really enjoyed seeing the teamand residents show such enthusiasm for the event, and commented:At Brewster House, we always try and organise unique activities, to deliver engaging andentertaining opportunities for residents. Our crazy hair day event is an excellent exampleof this. The event was great because both staff and residents could get involved and enjoythe day together. I am proud of the Brewster House team for everything they do for ourresidents, and for bringing high spirits to the home every day.Brewster House take great pride in their activities, and they are a feature of the home.The activity programme ensures that residents remain stimulated and engaged and theWellbeing Leads take into account residents hobbies, needs and interests, to ensure thatthe programme includes and entertains all residents.2 0'