b'TOGETHERWITH MUSICBY PAUL GASKELL, DIRECTOR OF WELLBEING & DEMENTIA SERVICESTogether with Music charity is anintergenerational membershipplatform centred around connection,community and music!For over a year, RunwoodHomes have partnered upwith this wonderful groupof people. They are the firstUK wide, intergenerationalnetwork of connection,created to encourage andinspire community connectionsboth now, and in the future.They have created a platformthat inspires, supports andempowers care homes, schools andcommunity groups to play an activerole within their community.Through music and the act of music making,sustainable and creative connections have been made which, in turn, build stronger,healthier, and more integrated communities for years to come. Every home within the Runwood Homes Group has registered with this initiative and haveall earned at least their Bronze award. In time, every home will have achieved their Goldaward, and residents in all homes will benefit from the local community group links and thepower of music.2 5'