b"A MESSAGE FROMCHRIS WILLIAMSGROUP HOSPITALITYMANAGERIn 2021, we have navigated our way through supply chain issues, delivery issues, fuel shortages, food pricerises, and a new coronavirus variant. My focus throughout has always been making sure that our homesreceive food and supplies with minimal disruption. We are now slowly returning to a more consistent supplyand delivery chain around the group which will allow more focus on kitchen support and training.In September, we welcomed James Cotton to Runwood Homes as Group Development Chef who will beworking closely with me supporting homes to develop teams and menus. James brings a wealth ofexperience from a variety of roles including Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, and luxury care homes. Jamesprevious roles included being part of the commissioning team for a new luxury care home build and going onto win several culinary awards. James was also a finalist in the 2020 National Care Chef of the Yearcompetition with most commended dish. James is committed to working within homes alongside themanagement, kitchen teams, residents, and families to ensure residents' nutrition needs are fulfilled. Throughout December, myself and James arranged a series of IDDSI Webinars in partnership withRobotCoupe UK, focusing on creating safe and nutritious texture modified food for residents. We wereinvited to Kitchen Hub Live, which is an amazing facility, and recorded live-streaming training sessions thatall homes could log in to. For homes that couldnt make the sessions, they were recorded and shared acrossthe group. We have also made a training video demonstrating how to create all the relevant IDDSI foodlevels as an aid to support our Chefs and Cooks.Whats next? We are planning a Chef of the Year competition for 2022 to showcase the talent we havewithin the group. Chefs and Kitchen assistants of all levels will be welcome and encouraged to enter thecompetition. All we are asking for is a picture of the entry dish (Main course or Dessert) with a story on whyit has been chosen. We will then judge the entries and pick six finalists who will be cooking their dishes atLondons Billingsgate market kitchen later in the year. The winner will then be chosen by a selection ofjudges and a special guest. While we cant predict quite what the future holds, we remain committed to focusing on residentswellbeing, food, and nutrition. If there is anything you would like to discuss or suggest around food in thehomes, please contact myself or James at. chris.williams@runwoodhomes.co.ukjames.cotton@runwoodhomes.co.uk3 1"