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Runwood Homes connects with NHS to improve hospital transfer pathway

Runwood Homes are proud to be collaborating with Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as they launch their ‘Red Bag’ scheme which aims to improve the hospital transfer pathway, making the care handover process much more efficient and completely personalised to our residents that are being cared for.

This simple, but incredibly innovative and important red bag scheme, which NHS Basildon and Thurrock launched on 4 June 2018, will not only provide a much better hospital experience for our residents, it also will close the communication gap between care professionals, enabling a smoother care handover and resulting in reduced A&E assessment times.

When speaking about Runwood Homes involvement, Karen Scott, Team Manager of the Complex Case Management Team at Basildon Hospital said at the launch, "All of the Runwood’s care home managers have been supportive and engaging with the launch of the red bag scheme”, and thanked Runwood Homes for their enthusiasm to be on board with improving processes for the benefit of their patients.

Packed by care home staff, the important Red Bag holds key information about a residents condition and needs, plus any medication they are taking. The bags also contain personal possessions, including essential items like hearing aids and glasses, that are important for their comfort, wellbeing and understanding of their surroundings and their treatment. Clean clothing and footwear are also packed for when they are discharged, ensuring a dignified return home.

Runwood Homes were proud to be recognised by Viktoria Ugiagbe, Trusted Assessor of the Complex Case Management Team at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, for being the first care home to provide a packed red bag for a patient who required a general check-up.

Runwood Homes are fully supportive of this fantastic scheme and have welcomed it with open arms; a high standard of care for our residents is of utmost importance at all times and the red bag provides us with confidence for any hospital stays required. Each Runwood residential care home that falls within the region of Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust now has Red Bags on standby and staff have been fully trained on its purposel.

Not only has this scheme improved the hospital transfer pathway, the Red Bag been proven to decrease the amount of time a resident spends in hospital care; NHS Sutton clinical commissioning group (CCG) found that residents with a red bag spent four days less in hospital than those without a red bag.

Runwood Homes strives for all of our residents to benefit from the Red Bag scheme and looks forward to working with other regional NHS Hospital groups offering the same scheme in the near future. For more information about Runwood Homes, please browse our website, or call 01705 559797 for any enquiries.

Images of Home Managers in receipt of the NHS Red Bags:

Home Manager, Sid Vaghela at Leatherland Lodge, South Ockendon, in receipt of the NHS Red Bag.

Home Manager, Denise White at The Whitecroft in Orsett with NHS Team Manager, Karen Scott.

Home Manager, Abdul Chirwa of Woodbury Court care home in Laindon.

Manager, Rhona Johnson at Thurrock care home, Bennett Lodge.

Home Manager, Grace Tshabangu and her professional care team at Carolyne House in Shoeburyness with Karen Scott, Team Manager of the Complex Case Management Team at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


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