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Orchard Lodge residents have special 'Calamity Jane' screening!

Joanne, Orchard Lodges' Wellbeing Lead, organised a brilliant movie night for residents recently. Joanne was assisted by two lovely volunteers from JoJo's Spotlight Studio, who certainly dressed the part.

The movie 'Calamity Jane' was shown on the homes big screen and residents were served delicious refreshments during the interval - a great time was had all around!


Orchard Lodge is a purpose built nursing home situated just off Cathedral Road, alongside St Patrick’s Cathedral.The home has views of the two Cathedrals and surrounding city from most of the bedrooms, main lounges and all dining rooms.

For more information, call Orchard Lodge on 028 3752 6462 or email orchard.lodge@runwoodhomes.co.uk.

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