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Park View residents joined by special guest for their daily 'tools down'.

At Park View care home in Witham, everyone gets involved during ‘tools down’, even Sherlock the dog. ‘Tools Down’ is a company-wide initiative which aims to keep everyone connected through meaningful engagement and communication. Every day at 11am, staff in in all departments at each and every one of our residential care and nursing homes, come together to ‘down tools’.  For a period of 30 minutes, staff will halt their tasks to spend quality time together with our residents, including those who are limited to their bedrooms, to enjoy conversation, company and to grow companionships.

For residents who are limited to their bedrooms, Sherlock, the homes pet dog, makes for a great companion. Residents love to socialise with animals as they can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity.


Park View is an 86 bed home situated in Witham. This spacious home has many rooms which overlook the parklands, and provides expert care for older people, including those living with dementia.

For more information, call Park View on 01376 512443 or email parkview@runwoodhomes.co.uk. To find out more, visit https://www.runwoodhomes.co.uk/homes/park-view.

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