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Runwood Homes run company-wide Pumpkin Frenzy Competition for residents.

Residents across Runwood Homes have been gearing up for our company-wide Pumpkin Frenzy Competition, the theme for this year’s Breath of Fresh Air competition; an initiative which encourages residents to get involved and creative in seasonal growing in the garden, and also links well to arts and crafts activities.

Two competitions were run side by side, including Heaviest Pumpkin Grown and Best Jack ‘o’ Lantern, both of which offer £100 towards the winners amenities fund, which goes towards future activities.

It’s been a pleasure seeing residents across the homes getting involved and participating in such a fun activity. The winner will soon be announced by our dedicated Wellbeing and Dementia Team.

For more information about our residential care homes, please visit www.runwoodhomes.co.uk.


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