Regional Operations Directors

Teshwar Seeratun

Regional Operations Director (Essex & Hertfordshire)

Tesh Seeratun has been a Runwood Homes ‘Regional Operations Director’ since 2009. Before joining Runwood as a Home Manager i...
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Girlee Abad

Regional Operations Director (Essex & Norfolk)

Girlee Abad has been with Runwood Homes for nearly 10 years and has 9 years' experience as a home mana...
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Jeremy Dignum

Regional Operations Director (Warwickshire & South Nottinghamshire)

Jeremy has worked as a home manager for 17 years, the last five years with Runwood Homes, and 2017 saw him celebrate 30 years' service i...
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Celia Hardill

Regional Operations Director (Essex)

Celia Hardill is a Registered Nurse and experienced Regional Operations Director. 
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Nick Secker

Regional Operations Director (North of England)

Nick began his career in health and social care over 30 years ago, firstly as a care assistant for several years in residential childcare, before ...
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