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New digital care plan delivery system implemented at Runwood Homes

Person Centred Software Mobile Care Monitoring

Runwood Homes Senior Living are pleased to announce their partnership with Person Centred Software and the implementation of its award winning Mobile Care Monitoring system.

Introducing this innovative care plan system at Runwood Homes residential care settings will create more efficient care teams by significantly reducing written paperwork and simplifying recording processes, giving carers more time to focus on providing good quality care to residents, whilst ensuring a high standard of care delivery evidence.

Person Centred Software’s electronic care planning and evidence of care system will be available to all Runwood Homes care employees as it is gradually rolled out to over 70 professional care and nursing homes across the UK. The care monitoring hub will hold all necessary information about each residents care needs, enabling streamlined shift handovers and a consistent, centralised digital logging system.

Available via a secure app, Mobile Care Monitoring will include care plans, evidence of care documentation, monitoring information as well as prompts and alerts, entirely bespoke for each resident.

Speaking of the new partnership with Person Centred Software, Runwood Homes' Business Operations Director, Sarah Sanders said, "We are delighted to be working with Person Centred Software to implement a new digital care plan system at Runwood Homes. Providing our carers with an instant-access, easy-to-use system will enable more time to be spent giving care and spending quality time with our residents.”

Sarah Sanders continued, "Mobile Care Monitoring will encourage staff to record care delivery in more detail due to its ease of use, and will also ensure all staff members are well-informed of every residents care support at the tap of a button, which is really positive for team unity.”

Mobile Care Monitoring won a ‘High Commendation’ award at the Care Home Awards 2018, recognising how the successful the product is in improving services. Runwood Homes are introducing the Mobile Care Monitoring system successfully in a pilot scheme of 15 homes, and forward to expanding the systems availability to the rest of the Runwood Homes group over the coming months.

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