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Paul Gaskell

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Director of Wellbeing and Dementia Services 

Paul is our Director of Wellbeing Dementia Services and heads a new team dedicated to improving the quality of the person centred care we practice in all of our homes for those living with dementia. Visiting every home three times in a year, checks are carried out to a strict formula. The aim is to raise standards in each home, with help and advice from the team where needed. This very important team requires Wellbeing and Dementia Service Managers with a passion for person centred care and the skills and experience to coach and guide support staff. Paul himself is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, having started his nursing career in support of people living with dementia. He worked as a Registered Manager for Warwickshire County Council in their group of homes until they were taken over by Runwood Homes.

At the same time as managing a care home, Paul created a successful scheme which received sponsorship and was taken up across the county for the testing of resident satisfaction by lay visitor teams. Independent reports from one to one interviews by these lay members of the public were reviewed and acted upon. It was a window into the view of a resident, giving their perspective on how they were cared for.

Paul's experience and professionalism was recognised by Runwood management when selecting him to implement and manage the Wellbeing and Dementia Services Team. Their work is expected to prove very valuable in the coming years.

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