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Head Office staff members were incredibly honoured to be visited by the wonderfully talented One Voice Choir from The Grange care home in Wickford, Essex.

The residents put on a spectacular show for staff members and there were even a few tears shed. The room was packed out all morning with staff coming in and out to enjoy the lovely music, which ranged from Frank Sinatra to Christina Perri. 


The One Voice Choir was inspired and set up by The Grange’s Wellbeing Lead, Catherine Sahadevan, who is passionate about maintaining a meaningful and stimulating activities programme supporting our residents, many of whom are living with dementia. Catherine and the team at The Grange have increased motivation, purposeful direction, encouraged learning new skills and installed confidence in residents by creating One Voice Choir.

The One Voice Choir have reached such success that they’ve been touring venues and other care homes around Essex and have loved every second of it. We can’t wait for the next performance.

The Grange care home in Wickford provides 24 hour expert residential care for older people including those living with dementia. For all enquires and show rounds, please call 01268 766466 or email thegrange@runwoodhomes.co.uk Visit our website www.runwoodhomes.co.uk

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