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At Runwood Homes we are proud of our reputation as a successful and growing care homes group. At a time when the industry is under intense scrutiny our continued success stems from the consistent quality of care we provide. Our skilled and motivated staff teams are dedicated in giving attention to detail with every resident, day care and respite care client we serve.

Runwood Homes Group invests heavily in internal, external, and programmes for our staff at every level. We provide privately funded services but also work closely with Public Social and Healthcare organisations. As we move forward our reputation for providing innovative care for people living with dementia continues to grow.

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We offer a range of care and specialist services tailored to meet each individual's needs. Please select the relevant service below to find out more.


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In 2014 a specialist team was formed, with advanced experience, knowledge and qualifications in the care of people living with dementia. The Senior Dementia Services Manager responsible for that team is Paul Gaskell. There are currently 7 members in this team including our experienced and knowledgeable Associate Director of Dementia Services, Kieun Kwon. Each team member has a territory of care homes to develop and oversee.

The process involves regular support visits to all our homes across England and Northern Ireland, taking up to five days at a time in each home. These visits include an extensive assessment of the procedures and practices with dignity and quality of life at their core. Detailed reports are produced, which describe areas for improvement, and coaching and advice is given where it is needed. Where an individual resident requires extra support with complex needs, this will be arranged as a priority. This very valuable service is achieving successful results and ongoing improvements.

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