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Our Expertise

Family run, and with over 30 years’ experience in residential, dementia and nursing care, Runwood Homes is a renowned provider of person-centred care services for older people in the UK.

Still growing today, the Group is delighted to offer beautiful care homes to communities across England and Northern Ireland, with professional and dedicated teams who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of others and are a true testament to our compassionate care services. Please read on to find out about the various types of care that we offer.

Residential Care

Our care homes offer comfort, companionship and home-from-home living, with a team of qualified, caring people to provide a little extra assistance should you need it. Residents can feel part of a supported community, with sociable mealtimes, and a programme of activities and a chance to explore new, engaging opportunities. As part of our caring service, we encourage independence, freedom of choice and celebrate individuality.

Dementia Care

For those who are living with varying levels of memory loss, we offer specialist, homelike dementia care areas which are safe and stimulating places to live and feel well looked after by a kind and friendly team who have a passion to make a difference and enrich lives. Our reminiscence therapy and wide range of activities creates an interesting lifestyle amongst new friends. We discover life history, lifestyle preferences, interests, dietary requirements, and more, as part of a thorough person-centred care assessment.


We take pride in the quality of the professional nursing care we provide, supervised by registered qualified nurses. Nursing care goes beyond residential care; we’re able to provide clinical care, to safely support older people with more complex conditions and care needs whilst in homely surroundings where compassion and dignity remains at the forefront of our values. Additionally, our catering teams are experienced in providing quality texture modified diets.

Dementia Nursing

Our specialist dementia nursing care service provides personal care support, as well as 24-hour care by qualified nurses and specialist dementia trained carers, ensuring that residents, including the most frail and vulnerable people, are regarded with the utmost dignity, respect and sincere compassion. Additionally, our catering teams are accustomed to providing quality texture modified diets to make chewing and swallowing safer and easier.


Take a break from caring by booking a short stay care break at one of our homes. Respite care periods are flexible depending on your needs. Our homes offer a reassuring and welcoming place for your loved one to be well looked after to help you cope or so that you can go on holiday. We’ll get to know you prior to a stay and all make the necessary preparations to be able to settle in quickly. We’d be delighted to support you.


Runwood Homes offers short-term care for people who need extra support to help recovery following discharge from hospital. We help residents get back up on their feet and recuperate, with assistance on hand around the clock from our fantastic carers who are professionally trained in personal care and welfare.

Day Care

Our popular Day Care Centres exist to support the needs of our clients, and their carers, to enable them to remain living at home. Our aim is to improve quality of life and offer a sociable and friendly community and a wide range of activities and events to enjoy amongst friends, with a particular focus on the needs of people living with dementia.

Our highly-trained carers are friendly, kind and compassionate by nature. As well as respectfully tending to each individuals needs and wishes, from our experience, a whole team approach to wellbeing means that companionship and feeling like part of a family are second nature in our homes. Ongoing training and development ensures that our carers remain confident and competent, as well as practical and observant, in their fulfilling roles.

Wherever possible, Runwood Homes utilises award winning, Mobile Care Monitoring digital technology, for enhanced care planning, evidencing and aiding in continuity of care. This paperless system afford our carers to spend more quality time with residents, which as an organisation, we feel is really important.

The vision of Runwood Homes’ Wellbeing and Dementia Care Services Team is for when anybody visits one of our care homes, they’ll experience people chatting, hear laughter, see people smiling, being kind to each other and looking out for one another, people are active - doing things they are enjoying, and can witness people engaged and interested in life around them.

Our annual Dignity Campaign, ‘2020 Vision’, encompasses a different theme each month to ensure that residents and staff enjoy an effective, whole-team approach to wellbeing. This is upheld by our ‘Dignity for everyone, every day’ motto. The guidance and support from the Wellbeing and Dementia Services Team, who are highly qualified and experienced for their vital roles, provides oversight to ensure that our vision remains a reality for all.

Each of our care homes benefits from a Wellbeing Lead; a person who exclusively organises and encourages social interaction and a range of delightful activities published in weekly programme of opportunities. Our whole-home 'Tools Down' and 'Forget Me Not' initiatives aim to reduce isolation and build new friendships.

Runwood Homes has celebrated numerous awards as a leading residential, dementia and nursing care provider. Most recently in 2019, we won the LaingBuisson Property Investor Award and were Finalists in the Residential Care and Rising Star categories, recognising industry excellence in the UK health and social care services. Additionally, we were Finalists at the Leaders in Care Awards, Caring UK Awards and Great British Care Awards.

More recently, Runwood Homes were announced as Finalists in the Residential Care Provider of the Year category at the 2020 HealthInvestor Awards, recognised for outstanding performance in the independent healthcare sector.

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